Sino Concept of traffic safety and transportation cost on importation of cars

Many people in the modern world who an engaged in business face a challenge to import and transport goods to which ever region they are located.
This is because such cargos delay and one might end up incurring a loss instead of making a profit. Additionally, they may incur a lot of unnecessary cost during transportation and some goods may be lost along the way due to poor safety as a result of poor speed cushion.

After reviewing all this concept, Sino came up with a plan to help reduce cost and import traffic control and parking equipment directly from their factories in CHINA. This was to ensure they come up with a way that will make their clients trust them with this task.

How Sino satisfy the clients needs

You as a customer is the first priority to Sino. Their focus is major on companies that have interest to grow their businesses.
They help you reduce cost as a beginner by making it possible for you to buy directly from the manufacturer. Since they operate in more than 20 countries, it is the most convenient go to for the growth of your business, both in Europe and the rest of the world.
It promotes global marketing because clients can relate and source cars from China to the world. It also ensures you have a wide range to select from, making it easier for you to compare and choose from the best.
After an intense research, it was concluded that when importing cars from China the following problems are likely to arise.

Unreliable packing and damaged goods

Goods can be rejected because they arrive damaged or significantly delayed in delivery, unless goods were in damaged conditions when being packed, when they are damaged during the course of transportation it is the shippers’ responsibility. Poor packaging of goods may also result in damaged goods since they may not have been sealed properly, causing rusting on metallic items.

Communication problems and misunderstandings

This maybe as result of uncooperativeness from one or both parties where they may not clearly state the date of shipping the goods or in appropriate comprehension at different linguistic levels.


Logistics and custom clearance problems

Issues such as inaccurate duties, since taxes differ depending on the country of origin.
Incorrect cargo classification such as inaccurate cargo description which can cause you so much lose.

Quality issues and nonconformities

Due to lack of documentation on years, poor quality tools and equipment for handling cars, poor quality materials and poor communication.
With this in mind, Sino concept was formed to counter these problems through ensuring.

Quality is given a priority

By having three factories managed by both European and Chinese people, we unsure that you get exactly what you ordered, since we value your needs.

It ensures reliable packing of goods

Since safety is our concern we pack all our goods in steel racks for stability, wooden crates or metal pallets which ensures safe transportation since there is speed cushion and safe unloading and easy storage in your warehouse.
Make sure that your shipping cost is reduced. 

Through ordering of goods directly from our factories to your place.

Finally, Sino concept ensures you overcome communication barriers through sales offices in France, Germany, and Finland. Which gives you appropriate customer’s service and ensures they take you through all the goods and services we offer.